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“Wow!!!!!  This works, I soon met my lover soon after starting this course, are you kidding me this is crazy. I haven’t slept for a week just thinking about this person, and I am so happy that I am working with these tools to help us harmonize.” -Annie.

“I am loving the course! I have a notebook for notes and the activities.  Every day I work through lessons, I keep feeling better and better.  And, my Twin and I are progressing every day.  He actually expressed how proud he was of me because of all the inner work I have been doing.  It has really shifted my thinking, and in turn, has put my Twin and I in a place of very healthy communication.  Thank you!!” -Taylor F.

“A couple weeks ago….I felt incredibly peaceful and great, but stuck or stagnant.

I decided to try the first 4 free lessons Shaleia and Jeff offer of the Twin Flames: Dreams Coming True e-course.  The lessons were short, direct, and I really enjoyed the exercises.

I’ve always struggled in standardized schooling as a divergent learner (even as an adult). I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the intense amount of work these two have done to create a learning model which I can actually easily learn from…. it’s complete genius.

It took me 3 more days to purchase the course.  It is an investment but I’ve made a choice, and I’m worth it. Plus I figured having access to these tools and techniques as my Twin and I figure things out as a couple would be extremely helpful.

Plus, I could stay in their Twin Flame Ascension School for months….or pair it with the course (24 lessons – my goal is one a day) and fast track to my harmonious union in one month.

The incredible part is all the signs.… I complete the lessons and write what I truly want in my journal, and then have the absolute gift of watching it unfold in front of me…. it’s priceless 💖💖” -C.K., PhD